Pricing as important as KPIs

When raising venture capital, one very important thing to have a view on is what KPIs will be required to raise the next round. I.e. what will you have to accomplish in 12-18 months time? Currently (March 2023) it is quite difficult to know with certainty what will required for a Series A, Series B etc in 18 months,, which is one of the things slowing fundraising down.

Mosaic Ventures has shared its benchmarks for raising a Series A in Europe and what unremarkable, good, excellent and outlier look like for some KPIs in their view. I think it is a good article that makes a lot of sense.

I also like that they write about how a product’s price (annual contract value) makes different go-to-market strategies viable. That is a crucial aspect to think about. If a product is too cheap, you cannot have salespeople or sales teams selling it!

(source: Mosaic Ventures)

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