Investors with the golden touch

Every year Forbes ranks the most successful tech investors at venture funds on the Midas List. On the global Midas List for 2023 there is one Nordic investor; Fredrik Cassel of Creandum at place 47.

While rankings are always subjective, I believe the Midas List’s overall approach is quite fair as they look for the “investors have earned the strongest returns – that is, their portfolio companies have gone public, had an M&A transaction or raised rounds of financing at an increased valuation.” 

More specifically they evaluate by:

“Investors are evaluated based on their portfolio companies that have gone public or been acquired for at least $200 million over the last five years ($50 million for Midas Seed), or that are private and valued at $400 million or more, also over the last five years ($100 million for Midas Seed). The five-year lookback period helps quantify the success of a VC by rewarding recent bets. For example, a company with a massive IPO could help propel an investor onto the list, but that investment is eligible for consideration for only five years after the exit and at a decreased rate each year during that five-year period. After the five years, it falls out of consideration and allows opportunities for newer investments to make an impact. This means that investors must make continuous successful bets to maintain their standing on the list. Securing a spot on Midas is a reflection of good investment decisions over a long period.”

Author: Henrik Torstensson

Partner at Alliance VC. Investing in Nordic early-stage tech startups.

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