Benchmark: Sales KPIs from 300+ SaaS companies. NRR not a top 3 KPI for startups with less than $10 million ARR.

Insight Partners has released its latest SaaS Sales KPI report (thx Arne). The buckets are geared towards slightly larger companies than in the report ChartMogul released awhile back. This makes sense as Insight is a later-stage investor, which could influence the data they have gathered.

For companies with up to $10 million in ARR, the median growth rate in 2022 was 90 % year-over-year with the top performers growing 190 % y-o-y. This is similar growth rate to ChartMogul with its $1-3 million bucket having 183 % y-o-y growth and the $3-10 million bucket having 119 % y-o-y growth.

The Net Revenue Retention for top performers was ca 120 % in Insight’s data vs ca 110 % in ChartMogul’s data.

A related point on KPIs. Insight doesn’t have Net Revenue Retention as a top 3 KPI for startups with less than $10+ million in revenue.

Author: Henrik Torstensson

Partner at Alliance VC. Investing in Nordic early-stage tech startups.

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