Q2’23 slowest since 2013 for startup fundraising, according to Angellist

AngelList and Brex have released the report The State of U.S. Early-Stage Venture & Startups: 2Q23. According to their data Q2 was the slowest dealmaking quarter since at least 2013 (when their data starts).

The activity (startups raising capital or having an exit) was 5.25 % in Q2 and positive rounds/exits were 63 %. That is compares to ca 12 % activity and 90 %+ positive round/exits in July 2021!

Another interesting datapoint is the median valuation in the US (setting aside the problems with rounds names). For ‘pure’, i.e. not extensions or similar, valuations are higher than in the Nordics.

At a very quick glance pre-seed and seed the 25th percentile in the US seems to be more like a 75th percentile valuation in the Nordics (at least with the SEK/USD exchange rate where it is today). Series A and B seem closer to Nordics, even if a 50th percentile in the US is a 75th percentile in the Nordics.

Author: Henrik Torstensson

Partner at Alliance VC. Investing in Nordic early-stage tech startups.

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